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Congratulations on purchasing the ultimate in EMF protection.

First take a moment to write down the frequency and intensity of any personal symptoms as well as symptoms of other family members, especially children. Please read the following thoroughly to be sure you have the optimum combination and/or can initiate the products in the optimum sequence for you. Return to your sheet of paper in a few weeks and note any changes. While many individuals simply experience a greater sense of ease and alertness, over 85% of individuals report relief from one or more of their symptoms.

Second, before installation, take a moment to notice how you feel. Then plug in or try on your product. Some people notice a moment of light headedness or dizziness within ten seconds before feeling the increased sense of calmness and well-being. Often symptoms such as headaches or chronic pain may be noticeably reduced usually within an hour. You might also monitor symptoms (such as headaches, asthma, blood pressure) to validate for yourself the effectiveness of our products. Evaluation according to personal symptoms is more effective than muscle testing. (According to most experts, muscle testing results are inconsistent during the healing process.)

Symptoms or Detoxification

If you experience a short adaptation period consisting of tension, dizziness, fatigue or mild cold-like symptoms for a few hours or days, this is normal. It indicates that your immune system is functioning properly. If symptoms continue or are intense, or a growing sense of irritability or anxiety persists this indicates you proceeded too quickly introducing our powerful products.

If you purchased a Scalar Home Protection System along with your Scalar Resonator we recommend you install the System first and adapt to all 4 stages before wearing your Scalar Resonator (see Scalar Home Protection System instructions).

EarthCalm products support your body in healing. This is a process that takes time. We advise reducing your exposure levels to the most hazardous types of radiation wherever possible, particularly cell phones and wireless technology such as Wi-Fi routers, when you initially start your healing process. Therefore these devices should be turned off while sleeping (see our SELF HELP section).

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

All EarthCalm products come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. EarthCalm circuits include a proprietary tuning process called Harmonic Balancing. Removal or tampering with EarthCalm circuits will interfere with their effectiveness and will void your guarantee.



Please read in full before using product.



While Proceeding Through the Adjustment  Remove the cordless phone and any unprotected cell phone, laptop or other wireless device from your bedroom.  Minimize use of cordless phones and/or an unprotected cell phone  and rely on

speakerphone when possible. Unplug your wireless router when not in use and especially at night.


For maximum benefits and to ease adjustment, discontinue use of grounding or other EMF devices that plug into your home’s electricity and use of other EMF protection technology that is in close proximity to your body for extended periods of time.


Resonator users without EarthCalm Home EMF Protection:  Filters that work to minimize dirty electricity released from the home’s wiring can remain installed.


Home System Users:  In order for the system to function in your home, the electricity must be circulating throughout your home. Once the last home system component has been installed continuously for one full week, you can resume regular full time use of your cordless phone and wireless router. If you do not have wireless internet in your home consider converting your router to wireless function or introducing a store bought wireless router (without internet service), for the added protection that will be generated by the router and wireless devices programmed into it. A router with a wide range will protect your home’s entire property.


Adjustment Procedures


Home EMF Protection System


The components are introduced in the sequence described below, building up to full time use of all of the components.  One full week of continuous use is recommended before proceeding to the next component.  It is important that you feel good or improved stable health before introducing a new component. You can proceed through each stage with less or more time guided by how you feel.  Discontinue use of the last installed component immediately at the onset of an adjustment reaction, as explained below. Make note of the time when you plug in each component.


Traditional (white) Home System


Week 1: Begin by plugging the base (single large component)  into any electrical outlet in your home. Week 2:  Plug the Home component into the base. Week 3: Plug the System component into base. Week 4: Plug the unlabelled 4th component into an electrical outlet elsewhere in your home.


Infinity (black) Home System


Week 1: Begin by plugging the base (single large component) into any electrical outlet in your home. Install Phase #1 stick into one of the slots located at the front underside of the base. 

Week 2:  Install Phase #2 stick  Week 3: Install Phase #3 stick  Week 4: install Phase #4 stick


Where Both the Resonator and Home EMF Protection System were Purchased: The resonator can be worn, once the last system component has been plugged in continuously for 1- 2 weeks. Depending on health status, or ease of adjustment during the adjustment process, you may want to gradually adjust to in-home wear, following the Resonator adjustment instructions given below. You can wear the resonator out of your home while adjusting to in-home wear. 


Where Only the Resonator was Purchased: During the first 2-3  days of use, wear the resonator for 5-6 hour durations with 30 - 60 minute intervening periods of non use. During these initial days make note of the time at the start of each period of use.  Guided by how you feel, gradually lengthen the usage time and reduce the intervening intervals of non-use, building to 24 hours of continuous  use.  It is important to feel good or in improved stable health before extending the usage time.


Adjustment Reactions    


Discontinue wearing the resonator, or unplug the home system component last introduced, immediately at the onset of   significant discomfort, cold or flu-like symptoms, or where a mild discomfort arises and persists for more than 10 minutes.  Even if it is not certain the use of the EarthCalm product is involved, interrupt usage.  Do not ignore the discomfort or try to “tough it out”.  Use the time you noted when you began use to determine your personal comfort level: the length of time between start of use and the onset of discomfort. Treat the symptom(s) as you would, normally. When fully recovered resume use following the procedures outlined immediately below.


Resume use of the resonator / reinstall the component for durations 1-2 hours less than the your personal comfort level. The intervening periods of non-use should be at least 1 hour long.  If your comfort level is less than an hour, start with durations that are 1/2 of your comfort level time. If your comfort level is more than 24 hours, start with 4-6 hour durations. Guided by how you feel, gradually lengthen the usage time and reduce the intervening intervals of non-use, building to 24 hours of continuous use. This process may proceed over a few days, or weeks, depending on how your feel.  For Home EMF Protection System users: after establishing 24 hour continuous use, maintain a minimum of 2 weeks at the resumed level, before introducing the next component.


Adjustment Difficulties?


Please phone or email for assistance if you experience difficulty adjusting to the products. 


EarthCalm products are designed to be used as layers of protection, with each added product bringing additional health support. For optimal health benefits, EarthCalm recommends layering the products based on individual health and source and severity of EMF exposure.


Wear your Scalar Resonator 24 hours a day. Be sure to leave it on while sleeping, the most vital time for healing and regeneration. It is not necessary to remove it while showering or bathing. The Resonator can be worn under or over clothing or carried in a pocket. Anyone you touch will also receive the benefits of the protective benefits.

Resonator Chain: If you have purchased the ankle bracelet style and find that there is excess chain, simply cut it off after it is properly sized. The chain on the Resonator pendant is fixed in a position that will conveniently keep the clasp at the back of your neck. However, if you would like to replace the chain with another chain or a cord, this can be done with two needle-nosed pliers by pinching closed the two larger loops of the chain near the Resonator tube and sliding the chain through. A jeweler will do this for a nominal fee.

Maintenance: Like all sterling silver products, the Nova Resonator may tarnish from time to time. It may tarnish more often than usual for some, due to detoxification, heavy perspiration, etc. Simply use a gentle silver polish and a soft, clean cloth to clean it. (The one time you may wish to take the Resonator off is if you go to a hot springs pool in which there is a strong sulfur component to the waters, as sulfur can deeply tarnish sterling silver.) Tarnishing will NOT interfere with the effectiveness of the product.



Cell Phones: Remove the paper backing from the back of your Quantum Cell and attach it to the outside battery cover of your cell phone. Press down firmly.

Cordless Phones: Attach the Quantum Cell to the base unit of your cordless phone(s), near where the telephone wire is plugged into it and press down firmly. If you have multiple hand-sets connected to this base, people using all phones will be protected.

Some individuals notice a dramatic reduction in tension immediately. Others may need some time to adjust to the powerful protection. If you initially feel a sustained feeling of discomfort, simply put your cell phone or base unit in a different room for a while, and then bring it back till you have adapted to its strength.

Note: If you purchase a new phone, carefully pull the Quantum Cell off and restick it to the new phone or base unit.



Peel off the backing from your Torus and attach it as follows:

 Laptop: Attach to the bottom of your laptop over the battery cover. iPad, Tablet, eReader, or game with wireless connection: Attach anywhere on the back. Be careful to press down the edges.

When a cover case is in use, it is not necessary to attach the Torus. The  Torus can be inserted  between the wireless device and the cover.

Vehicle & Motorized Equipment Radiation Protection





The Voyager will help you be as alert and clear-headed on the road as possible.  

The EarthCalm Voyager grounds your car, reducing both hazardous EMFs and static electricity. You and everyone in your car can relax and enjoy the drive.

Peel off the backing from your Voyager and attach it securely in the doorjamb of your vehicle. If it doesn’t fit there, attach it anywhere else inside that is directly on the metal body of your car.  A painted surface is fine. Alternatively, the Voyager can be secured to the vehicle using a magnet, .




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The products and/or technologies listed on this website are not approved by Health Canada or any government health agency and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician or health care practitioner for any questions about EMFs and your health.


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