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EarthCalm Product Research & Testing

Test report and opinion on physical and biological effects of EarthCalm EMF protection products.

 Report on measurements in the static (DC) and extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field

and measurements of heart rate variability (HRV)

 Walter Hannes Medinger, M.Sc., Ph.D., June 15, 2012,

International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Austria




The Seal on the left was awarded to EarthCalm following independent testing by Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger, head scientist at the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC). IIREC is a government funded research institute in Austria.


This extensive scientific report tested 4 EarthCalm products:


1. Traditional scalar resonator (replaced May 2012 with the enhanced Nova Resonator)

2. Quantum cell 

3. Omega WiFi

4. Scalar home protection system (2 versions older than the Infinity Home EMF protection system).


This independent study confirmed EarthCalm products:


· harmonize disruptive electromagnetic fields (including geopathic) with the natural frequencies of the Earth;

· stops stress reactions caused by EMFs;

· and improves health.


EarthCalm Nova Resonator

The Effects of EarthCalm Pendants on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield

Energy Medicine Research Institute


Lisa Tully, PhD, April 22, 2011

Based on two different technologies that assess general health and fitness this study demonstrates substantial improvements after wearing the EarthCalm Nova Resonator. The improvements in the HRV measurement are dramatic. The HRV measure extends beyond cardiovascular function–it is the best indicator of general well-being throughout the entire human body.

The significant increase in the subtle energy field after wearing EarthCalm Nova Resonator demonstrates that they greatly improve one’s energetic field related to health and well-being.  


EarthCalm Quantum Cell

The Efficacy of EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell

to Prevent Damaging Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

on Human DNA 


 Glen Rein, PhD, Quantum Biology Research, March 2014

This study tested the effects of cell phone radiation on human DNA, both with and without the Quantum Cell attached to the phone, and found the Quantum Cell to more than completely reverse the harmful effects of cell phone radiation on the DNA.

Using an iPhone3 in both standby and receiving modes, the study showed attaching the Quantum Cell completely reversed the radiation’s inhibiting effect on DNA conductivity (transmission ability). This ability of the DNA is associated with DNA self repair and assembly - vital to the integrity of genetic material and, ultimately, the body’s normal healthy functioning. The results also indicated that placing the Quantum Cell on the cell phone in standby mode not only brought conductivity values back to control values, but further increased them by 35% above normal.

Efficacy of EarthCalm's Infinity Home EMF Protection System

to prevent damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation on human DNA,

compared to DNA behaviour in a natural electromagnetic environment.


 Glen Rein, PhD, Quantum Biology Research, January 2015



This study by Dr. Glen Rein showed use of the EarthCalm home system protected human DNA from the damaging effects of radiation typically found in most homes. The study compared DNA conductivity (transmission ability) under the different conditions. This ability of the DNA is associated with DNA self repair and assembly - vital to the integrity of genetic material and, ultimately, the body’s normal healthy functioning.

The 3 home-like exposure conditions were,

1) background power line radiation (60 Hz fields generated by the wiring in a typical home);

2) power line radiation combined with wif radiation that was generated by a wireless router and

3) power line radiation combined with wifi and smart meter radiation.

Under these 3 conditions, DNA conductivity was significantly lower than for DNA placed in the natural environment. When the EarthCalm home system was installed during the home-like conditions, the inhibiting effects of the radiation exposure completely reversed. More than just reverse, the conductivity values rose to exceed DNA conductivity values seen for DNA placed in a clean natural electromagnetic environment. Dr. Rein also noted observing support of Earthcalm‘s claim that the home system protects against all radiation in the entire house.


Testing the Efficacy of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell

to Prevent Damaging Effects to the Acupuncture System


Lisa Tully, PhD, December 28, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute


Lisa Tully received her PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Tully is the founder of the Energy Medicine Research Institute (EMRI), whose primary mission is to assess the efficacy and validity of vibrational medicine technologies through clinical trials. She is well published in peer-reviewed medical journals and presents her research at international scientific conferences.

This study shows the ability of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell to reverse the deleterious health effects of cell phone exposure.

Exposure to a cell phone for three minutes causes adverse health effects, as demonstrated by electrodermal screening technology (EDS). EDS assesses meridian flow and thus organ and system function. Participants were tested before and after cell phone exposure. After returning to baseline measurements the participant was retested with the EarthCalm Quantum Cell attached to the phone.

When tested with the Quantum Cell attached, half of the participants in the study experienced 100% elimination of all negative effects.     


EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System  (early edition)

Quality of Life Research Testing of the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System

Grace Galzagorry, RN MS NP

Research Completed December 2009

Are there health benefits in using the Home EMF Protection System? This study revealed definitive to dramatic improvement in many quality of life indicators. Some of the noteworthy findings include:

· Nervous system symptoms such as neuropathy improved

· Pain, muscle aches and joint pains improved

· GI symptoms probably related to nervous system issues improved

· Mood issues such as feeling elated, serene and calm improved

· Mental health symptoms such as depression and stress improved

· Symptoms of stress, fatigue and feeling tired improved



Numerous studies have shown that EMR in our environment has a detrimental impact on health. EarthCalm undertook a pilot study to determine the impact of the Home Protection System on common Quality of Life indicators. An internet survey tool was designed using a combination of the standardized scientifically validated SF 36 Health Survey and several other qualitative research tools to assess quality of life parameters in the study population.

The EarthCalm study showed the Home Protection System significantly improved a number of Quality of Life indicators. Some were not impacted or experienced significantly enough to draw conclusions, but none of the Quality of Life indicators got worse. Respondents consistently reported improvement in their perceived level of energy as well as decreased stress, fatigue and improved sleep.

Other body symptoms such as body aches, pain, numbness and tingling in extremities, cardiac irregularities, gastrointestinal distress and skin rashes also showed overall improvement. The significant improvements in mental health issues and mood indicators such as feelings of elation, focus and concentration, serenity and calmness also point to some of the more subtle symptoms of chronic microwave radiation stress on the body’s nervous system which adversely impacts these health indicators. These outcomes lend striking support to the claim that the Earthcalm Home Protection System positively impacts calmness and alleviates stress in the home environment, which may allow the body to heal itself of chronic stress and neurological disorders.


A  pilot research study  using selected scientifically validated qualitative research tools, specifically components of the  SF-36 Quality of Life survey tool, the HIT-6 (headache impact test), Mood Indicator tool, Pain Intensity VAS (visual analog score) and Sleep Quantitative Index tools were combined into one questionnaire which was administered to all clients who indicated an interest in completing the questionnaire. A month after purchasing the Scalar Home Protection System, the same respondents completed the very same questionnaire. The SF Form 36 is a commonly used, scientifically validated qualitative research tool to evaluate Quality of Life parameters. It is a multi-purpose, short-form health survey that can be used with or without biologic markers. It is a generic measure, as opposed to one that targets a specific age, disease, or treatment group.

Accordingly, the SF-36 has proven useful in surveys of general and specific populations, comparing the relative burden of diseases, and in differentiating the health benefits produced by a wide range of different treatments. Its internal reliability and validity have been established after rigorous scientific review. It is designed to assess numerous quality of life indicators such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, pain, dizziness etc.

Translations of the SF-36 have been the subject of more than 500 publications involving investigators in 22 countries. Ten or more studies have been published from 13 countries.

In addition to the SF-36, several more in depth tools were used to assess specific symptoms associated with electrosensitivity to elucidate whether participants received benefit from the product being tested. These tools included the HIT-6 (headache impact test), the Sleep Qualitative Index Study tool and the Mood Assessment Indicator tool.

The HIT-6 has good reliability and validity for measuring patients’ subjective experience and the impact of headaches on health related Quality of Life. The MOS Sleep Qualitative Index Scale was originally developed in the context of the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS). It was intended to assess the extent of sleep problems, since disturbed sleep has a major impact on quality of life and is often a common symptom of many other chronic conditions, such as chronic pain and mood disorders.

The Mood Indicator tool (PHQ9P) was developed by Quality of Life researchers and has been used extensively for assessing and categorizing mental health issues and for diagnostic purposes.

The study design was developed and overseen by Grace Galzagorry ANP MSN, Associate Clinical professor at UCSF and administered by Earthcalm personnel to study participants via internet. It was intended as an initial pilot study to systematically assess the more challenging aspects of qualitative markers in one’s life which may or may not have biologic equivalents and that are often associated with electrosensitivity. Electrosensitivity is a complex of symptoms rather than one single symptom complex and affects the body’s energetic field in a myriad of ways making its study admittedly more challenging, especially by biologic means exclusively.

The purpose of this study was to collect data about the exact symptoms that may or may not improve using the Scalar Home Protection System. While self selection bias is apparent in this study design, it is our intention to progress using the data obtained to develop more sophisticated and topic appropriate research methodologies.


Fifteen subjects were recruited. Recruitment criteria included that the participant had just purchased a Home Protection System and was wiling to fill out the questionnaire. Study participants were rewarded with an Eco-tec upon completion of the second questionnaire one month later. No other factors in their environment were controlled for in any way by participation in the study. Standard exposure to the EMF environment was assumed and no attempt was made to alter the EMF environment in the home.

All EARTHCALM clients purchasing a Home Protection System within a six month period were sent a letter via internet introducing the study participation option and those who chose to participate completed the first questionnaire.  All survey participants were given a 3-page survey to complete with instructions included on the survey instrument itself. No other contact occurred between EARTHCALM personnel and study participants.

The study author had no contact whatsoever with the study participants at any time during the trial period. Survey results were sent to the author via internet and the results were tabulated. Given the pilot study format for this study, no attempt was made to ensure double blinding or control for any other variables.

Fifteen participants total completed both questionnaires and were therefore included in the study. No one was excluded due to incomplete results as all study participants understood the survey tool and completed the survey accurately. Study participants ranged in age from 20-76 yrs of age with 55 as the median age. Four of the participants were male and eleven were female. Three of the study participants self identified as being electrosensitive, which is the main target audience for Earthcalm products, although 12/15 participants also indicated concerns about the issue of electromagnetic radiation in the environment, pointing to the general population’s concerns about this issue.

Results and Discussion:

The following table summarizes the results found in this study. The final analysis excluded the following symptoms because less than half of the study participants reported having a problem with these symptoms: skin is bluish in color, blurred vision, wheezing, anxiety, seizures and abdominal pain. Of note, while anxiety wasn’t self reported as being an issue earlier in the survey, more than half the study participants reported having terror and panic attacks which responded favorably to the study intervention.

Therefore, one could conclude that anxiety, in its numerous manifestations, is a significant parameter to continue studying. The significance of the remainder of these symptoms, both for the purposes of this study as well as for any further research on Earthcalm products, will be considered negligible and will not be further studied. All other symptoms were experienced by half or more of the respondents. All symptoms are based on 0 = not experiencing symptom to 10 = severely experiencing symptom. The intervention consisted of implementing the use of the Home  Protection System in the home for 30 days.

The trends here indicate an improvement in overall sleep patterns that could be strengthened in future studies on this extremely important Quality of Life indicator.


The results of this pilot study show definitive improvement in some quality of life indicators and dramatic improvement in some parameters especially those parameters having to do with mood and relaxation of chronic nervous system stress. The underlying strategy in pilot studies is to cast a large net without bias to collect data systematically in order to determine the benefits, if any, of the study intervention. Despite the obvious self selection bias in the study design, that objective was met and perhaps even exceeded. Some of the noteworthy findings are:

· Nervous system symptoms such as neuropathy improved by 15%,

· Pain, muscle aches and joint pains improved by 15%

· GI symptoms probably related to nervous system issues improved by 10-15%

· Mood issues such as feeling elated, serene and calm  improved by 20%

· Mental health symptoms such as depression and stress improved by 10%

· Symptoms of stress, fatigue and feeling tired improved by 10%


Many of the clinical health issues addressed through the Quality of Life tool assessments occur at a very high rate in our Western culture so any intervention that might ameliorate these symptoms would be well worth considering. Given that an improvement was seen in almost all parameters, it could be attributed to placebo effect although many variables are hard to control for in this study environment. However, the dramatic improvement in some of the study parameters, most notably around mental health and mood issues, would certainly invite further study using a control group.

The positive outcomes of this pilot study pave the way for further scientific investigation of EarthCalm products. A model using a combination of Quality of Life indicators plus some reliable physiologic markers designed to measure stress responses in the body might be an interesting avenue. Quality of Life indicators such as sleep, pain, fatigue, mood and stress symptoms have historically been more challenging to assess and to address in the clinical arena but nothing impacts quality of life more than these symptoms. Therefore, any intervention that positively impacts these issues, even in a selected group of participants, is noteworthy and certainly warrants further investigation.


SCIO research testing of EarthCalm Scalar Resonator Pendant

Research Completed 2009


Numerous studies have shown that EMR in our environment has a detrimental impact on health. EarthCalm undertook a study, using SCIO technology, to determine the impact of the galaxy resonator pendant on stress responses in the human body. This study showed the resonator significantly improved the energy flow in a majority of the 22 meridians tested in all subjects. This improvement lends striking support to the claim that EarthCalm products release the body’s meridian system, which allows the body to heal itself of chronic stress disorders.

A research project  using the SCIO Biofeedback machine was conducted by Carmen Herinomon  who is a Certified Biofeedback Technician.  The SCIO is a sophisticated biofeedback system, which is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device gathers bio-energetic data from the body via fifty-five parameters simultaneously. This happens at biological speed, which is 1/100th second for each stimulus. This means that thousands of items can be screened for reaction from the body in a few minutes.

Five subjects were recruited. Recruitment criteria required that the test subjects had standard exposure to the EMF environment and no attempt was made to alter the EMF environment at the test site.

All test clients were given a 3 minute test exposing each client to approximately 10000 energetic signatures and recording their reactions.  Stressed areas are determined by numbers that are below or above standards.  In regular sessions these numbers, plus the reaction to 10000 items in the matrix, are indicators used to educate the body to return to standard values by retraining the body to the corrected frequencies.

Five participants were evaluated, ranging in age from 23 years to 65 years with 42 as the median age. 2 of the participants were male and 3 were female.

Results and Discussion:

Brain wave pattern reactions in all 5 people tested show improvement when tested wearing the Earthcalm Resonator.  Improvement of wave pattern is determined by a number that indicates deviation from “Normal.”  The fact that all 5 clients showed improvement would indicate statistical significance.

Most striking is that with regard to the meridians, 4 out of 5 clients showed great improvement in  9 to 12 meridians (out of  22 total). The one individual that did not show improvement is someone who has been diagnosed by medical professionals with autoimmune disorder. This person complained that the energy of the resonator was “too strong”.  After increasing the time wearing the Earthcalm resonator and being tested a third time, there was an improvement in 6 of the meridians while the first time there was 1.

The one client who did not immediately show stress reduction had a diagnosis of autoimmune disorder, thus confirming the EarthCalm recommendation that clients who are immune deficient  use the 3 step Scalar System for a more gradual introduction of the EarthCalm products. The EarthCalm Resonator is equal in strength to the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System, which provides the same degree of EMF protection to everyone in the home.




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