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EarthCalm EMF Protection Provides the Body with a Natural EMF Release Mechanism


EarthCalm technology works using proprietary geometric circuits, which mirror the structure of Earth’s electromagnetic field, and are configured based on their natural electromagnetic properties. The EarthCalm circuits, acting as resonant antennae, heighten both the body’s innate resonance to Earth’s electromagnetic field and the availability of those planetary signals for the body; thereby activating grounding of the body’s bio-energy field deeply in Earth’s electromagnetic field.


EarthCalm technology activates a highly specialized grounding- a natural electrical ground, that provides the body with an effective natural, safe and gentle way to rid EMF contaminants.

So effective, it fully reverses the adverse impact of EMFS on Human DNA energies and boosts those energies dramatically above levels observed before exposure to EMF radiation.


 Wondering Whether EMF Protection

Can be Harmful to the Body?


The answer is “yes”.


Science has shown when all of the natural frequencies of the Earth are received as nature intended, the body functions in a naturally healthy way. Further, that body processes becomes dysfunctional when the body’s connection to the Earth’s field is weakened.


EMF devices that are “charged” or digitally imprinted with a manufactured frequency or generate imitation or shielding frequency create a further barrier between the user and the Earth’s natural resonances. Some, such as paint and fabric, block out all electromagnetic frequencies including the Earth’s frequencies.



All EarthCalm products work together synergistically, adding layers of specialized protection.


Whole Home Protection


Thrive in a Home Environment that’s Naturally Right for Your Body!


The EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System

is the one complete system you need for powerful calming, healing protection

from all sources of EMF radiation in your home.





Use this system, to instil Earth’s natural EMFs throughout your home. Live in health and harmony with EMFs emitted by your home’s electricity, (wiring, appliances, lighting, etc.) and all wireless sources, including the home’s router, cordless phone system, and hydro and water smart meters.


Complete home EMF protection is highly important to support rejuvenation and healing that takes place during sleep. Jean Gallick, the inventor of EarthCalm products, insists the Home EMF Protection System is important for everyone, because of the health -supporting electromagnetic environment that results from using the device. Also, because the Home EMF Protection System totally frees the nervous system from resonating to the home’s AC wiring grid -  a stress inducing and immune damaging consequence of living surrounded by an AC electrical grid.

When using an EarthCalm Home EMF System, your home’s wireless router generates an added layer of grounding protection from external EMF sources. Where there is no wireless router or internet service in the home, consider converting your wired router to wireless function or introducing a store bought wireless router (without internet service), for the added layer of EMF protection it provides throughout the home and around your property, depending on the signal strength of the router.


1 system protects all areas served by

the same electrical hydro meter.

The system is available in 2 designs manufactured with the same technology.


Home EMF Protection System



Home EMF Protection System

4 stage system

Uses 2 electrical outlets

Regular Retail Price: $486


Sale Price: $340.20


4 stage system

Uses 1 electrical outlet

Regular Retail Price: $553


Sale Price: $387.10


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Wearable Protection Products


EarthCalm wearable protection products protect from all EMF sources in your surroundings and are designed for continuous wear. When worn inside your EarthCalm-protected home, the wearable device adds another layer of protection. The wearable products can be worn in combination with each other for dynamic layered protection from EMFs.


EarthCalm Nova Resonator


All Nova Resonators contain EarthCalm Mirror Resonance Technology (MRT) and carry the same strength technology.



Nova Resonator

S-Series Pendant



Stainless Steel cylinder

1-1/2″ x 3/8″ and weighs 1 oz.


Choice of silver or bronze colour

attached to a Sterling Silver 24” chain


Nova Resonator

S-Series Titanium Pendant


Stainless Steel cylinder

The titanium cord contains titanium fragments in silicone, encased in nylon. Titanium is a metal with properties that provide health benefits, thus increasing the pendant’s support to the immune system. 

Nova Resonator

Traditional Pendant





Sterling silver pendent 2 1/4”

attached to Sterling Silver 24” chain

Regular Retail Price: $315


Sale Price: $220.50


Regular Retail Price: $315


Sale Price: $220.50





Nova Resonator

Comet Pendant


Sterling Silver Resonator and Chain


Pendant:  1-1/4" long resonator tube, weighs 3 oz. Chain is 18".


Ankle Bracelet:  1-3/8" long resonator tube and 9” adjustable chain

(total length is 10-3/8”)  weighs 3 oz.


Regular Retail Price: $368


Sale Price: $257.60

Regular Retail Price: $368


Sale Price: $257.60












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EarthCalm Sanctuary Bracelet and Band


The Sanctuary Bracelet and Sanctuary Band are EarthCalm’s most powerful personal protection products. The devices contain EarthCalm’s Mirror Resonance Technology, same as the Nova Resonator, plus Sanctuary 2 Technologies. Sanctuary 2 utilizes the principles of an electromagnetic transformer to create a voltage fence protective of the nervous system.


These Sanctuary products are recommended for those who are electrosensitive, facing health challenges or want maximum EMF protection in conditions with dense electro-pollution.


Sanctuary Bracelet


All styles are made with 8mm beads and 18” memory wire. The technology is inserted within the end caps and in the memory wire. The end caps are brass on the Burma Jade and Red Creek Jasper bracelets and silver plated on the Black onyx bracelet.


Red Creek Jasper

Matte Black Onyx


Regular Retail Price: $402    Sale Price: $281.40



Sanctuary Band



M:  7.5”   L:  8.5”


When measuring for wrist or ankle, add  3/4" to 1-1/2” to the measurement for a comfortable fit. 

The Sanctuary Band can be worn on the wrist or ankle, and is made with waterproof soft black para-cord, stainless steel rivets, and a durable plastic snap buckle.


Regular Retail Price: $395


Sale Price: $276.50



Nova Resonator Child Band



Regular Retail Price: $197.00


Sale Price: $137.90



This product is designed especially to protect the child's developing nervous system and is recommended for children at least 3 years old.

These waterproof bands are made from colourfast American para-cord and are easy to clean using mild soap and water.


The Child Band is available in pink/multi and blue/multi colours and in 4 sizes:


XS: 5"  S: 6"  M: 7"  L: 8"



Specialized Products


Vehicle & Motorized Equipment Radiation Protection


Enjoy increased alertness and calm in your car or when using motorized equipment.



Voyager Protector


Regular Retail Price: $169


Sale Price: $118.30




The Voyager protects drivers, passengers and operators against the radiation generated and conducted by vehicles and motorized equipment. The Voyager also protects against EMFs conducted from sources outside the vehicle, such as cell towers and hydro power lines. Portable and transferrable


   Text Box: 4PAWS Pet EMF Protection Collar


The 4PAWS Pet EMF Protection Collar is specially designed to protect pets

from the adverse health effects of EMF exposure.


The collar is made of durable, water-resistant black nylon,

and infused with pet-safe EarthCalm technology.

Available in size Medium (1”  wide, expandable length10” – 16”) 

Size Medium


Regular Retail Price: $222   Sale Price: $155.40





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S-Series Pendant



Regular Retail Price: $349

Sale Price: $209.40

Nova Resonators


Stone Resonator

 Nova circuitry is inserted behind the stone.


Regular Retail Price: $349

Sale Price: $209.40

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Stone Ankle Bracelet





Stone Necklace 

Stainless Steel cylinder

1-1/2″ x 3/8″ and weighs 1 oz.

 Black with silver colour band and faux stones. Sterling Silver 24” chain

9” Sterling silver chain with

18 mm Black Onyx

 Sterling silver mount

Choice of Black Onyx or Blue Lapis

both18mm diam. 

Sterling silver mount

Sterling Silver 24” chain.


 Experience Water at it’s Natural Best!



Driven by Nature.           Backed by Science.

The Ultimate Water Purifier

Our Structured Water™ units give you water
as Nature meant for your vitality and pleasure.

Natural to your body.
Verified to be at par with the Earth’s finest
naturally occurring
drinking water.
With the purity and properties your
body demands for energy and best health.


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